FRIS VODKA FRIS FRISŪ Vodka is produced from all-natural whole grain and pure spring water. It is distilled six times and goes through a three-step filtration resulting in the ultimate vodka distinguished by its clean, smooth mouth feel. The name FRISŪ Vodka (pronounced "FREEZE") is derived from the Danish words for frost and ice. Alcohol Level: 40% alc/vol (80 Proof)

NORDIC OPEN SIMON'S The first Nordic Open in 2003, held in Copenhagen at the Simon's Golf Club, now on the European Tour. We were there and so were many famous names in golf -- Denmark's Thomas Bjorn, Scotland's Colin Montgomerie, and players from all over Europe. August, 2003

SIMON'S GOLF CLUB fris Can you believe it, the history of Nybogaard can be traced back to l795, but it was in l987 that the golf course project took shape, owned by Arne Simonsen. In May l993, the first shots were hit by Ian Woosnam at the official opening of the course. The Danish Open was held here 1994 to 1996, largest golf tournament in Denmark. Telephone..+45-49l91478

HILTON COPENHAGEN AIRPORT HILTON AIRPORT This is one Hilton that is literally "in the airport". You will want to stay here when you arrive in Copenhagen. There is no doubt that emphasis is on Scandinavian design with light furnishings and very clean and modern. Throughout you will view modern distinctive and colorful artwork, but your rooms are designed to make you feel right at home with all the modern conveniences of technological needs. We really didn't want to leave, it is so comfortable with superb dining, fitness, business center -- anything you need, and if you have time just sit in the executive lounge with it huge windows and watch the planes come and go, but no noise -- it is quiet!

DRAGOR GOLF CLUB DRAGOR Just a short taxi ride from the Hilton is the quaint village of Dragor with its own golf course -- very convenient to get in at least one round inbetween flights. Dragor is actually an old sea captain's village with the harbor, ancient churches, picturesque yellow houses from the l850's, very well preserved, and it's great for browsing, shopping, and there is a flea market worth checking out.

CARLSBERG VISITOR'S CENTER CARLSBERG The visitor's center presents the first Carlsberg Brewery from l847, the stables with the Carlsberg horses, as well as a range of exhibitions displaying the history of the brewery and showing the beer production past and present. After the visit, you are invited to taste a Carlsberg product.

EVA SOLO fris A design studio that lives up to Denmark's reputation for functional design. Eva Denmark has so many inventions that revolutionize the way you cook; we saw the new Eva Solo, when we visited Eva's headquarters. They have developed the brewing method with a dose of design and innovation in order to get the most out of the coffee beans. Coffee has never been better -- or easier to make. Go to and see all the products by EVA (a well-known name in Denmark)

SCANDINAVIAN AIRLINES fris Without a doubt, if you can travel Business or First Class, and eat your way across the Atlantic. SAS has so many deals and offers; they're always first with new ideas. Go to

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